10 Reasons Capricorns Make The Best Friends.

You can make friends with every star sign, but some signs are just naturals at having friends from every walk of life. Capricorn is the star sign that is most commonly associated with being a great friend. If you’re lucky enough to have a Capricorn bestie, or if you’re a Capricorn yourself, you already know this to be true. Here’s why everyone should be happy to have a Goat as their best buddy, and why Capricorns should be proud of their friendship awesomeness.

1. THEY’RE BRUTALLY HONEST IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. It takes a very strong character to actively tell you when you’re not looking your best. Capricorns won’t lie to you or let you act a fool. Instead, their naturally tactful way of approaching things lets you get the reality check you need — often when no one else will be brave enough to tell you what’s up.

2. THEY ARE FRIENDS FOR LIFE. Other star signs might end up fading out after a couple of years, but not Capricorn. These super loyal best buds are famous for being friends for life, and will do anything to make sure they stay in your life.

3. DID I MENTION THAT THEY’RE LOYAL? If people badmouth you behind your back, they better not do it in front of your Capricorn bestie. Capricorns have no problem standing up for people they care about, whether or not that person is in the room with them at that moment. In fact, some might even say they’re loyal to the point of being stubborn about whose sides they pick.

4. THEY CAN OFFER YOU PRACTICAL ADVICE, ANY TIME, ON ANY SUBJECT. Everyone needs that one friend who can offer good, down-to-earth advice on things such as career, finance, and safety. The best part about having a Capricorn buddy is that they are always willing to help you learn a new skill, a new practice, or a quick lifehack in order to make your life easier. Needless to say, most Capricorns are the “go-to” people in their groups for advice.

5. CAPRICORNS WILL HELP YOU CLEAN UP AFTER A MAJOR PARTY. Everyone always wants to go to the next big banger, but no one wants to help clean after all the fun has been had. Well, no one but Capricorn, anyway. Capricorns can’t stand messes, and are more than happy to help lend a hand to those who need help tidying up.

6. GOATS HAVE THE BEST SENSE OF HUMOR. Whether it’s a dry wit, a dark humor streak, or a random fart joke, Capricorns are often known as being the funniest people in any clique. When you’re down in the dumps, you can expect the Capricorn in your life to make you chuckle. It’s often the way they help console a friend going through tough times.

7. CAPRICORNS ALSO TEND TO BE PRETTY NURTURING FRIENDS. If you’re friends with a female Capricorn, you probably have jokingly called her “Mom” at one point or another. Even so, having that responsible, mature, yet still doting friend in your life can be a good thing for you. After all, Capricorns treat friends as family, and a good family is hard to come by these days.

8. IF YOU’VE BECOME PART OF A GOAT’S INNER CIRCLE, YOU CAN EXPECT THEM TO GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH FOR YOU. If you find yourself to be in a bad situation, Capricorns will be the first ones there on the scene. This star sign is the one that is most commonly known for being hyper generous to those who they befriend. At times, Capricorn’s desire to protect and help their friends can even go overboard. Even so, it’s better to have to reel someone in than to deal with having no one in your corner.

9. IF YOU NEED FASHION ADVICE, A CAPRICORN IS YOUR BEST BET. Who has ever seen a Goat with a bad looking coat? No one! Capricorn’s uniquely crisp and clean sense of style never fails to flatter and impress. If you need a good outfit, then it’s a Capricorn’s help you need. Capricorns are also the best people to call when you need an emergency makeover, too.
10. LASTLY, CAPRICORNS ALWAYS SEEM TO BE PART OF THE COOL CROWD. They seem to know all the right people, learn about the coolest parties, and always seem to be the ringleaders of the most tight knit groups of friends. Who doesn’t like chillin’ out with a cool Capricorn?..

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